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It's a common misconception that only certain people can do functional fitness.

Many perceive functional fitness as "too hard," and therefore think it's only suitable for a small demographic.

That couldn't be further than the truth. Actually, functional fitness can be made accessible to anyone, including seniors.

In fact, there are many benefits of doing functional fitness for seniors.

Sure, you might not be swinging from pull-up bars or deadlift 450lbs. But you can still follow the exact same guidelines of the sport that make everyone else fit. You can absolutely still get results.

And, you can do it in a manner that's safe and effective.


Why L.I.F.E. class at Vital?

Regardless of your age, L.I.F.E. can be an effective fitness program that can help transform your health and life.

Unlike other fitness methods, L.I.F.E. will emphasize functional, full-body exercises that strengthen multiple muscles and joints at a time.

They also emphasize progressive overload of both weights and movements. This means you assess where you're at on day one and slowly use heavier weights, deeper range of motions, and more complicated exercises-and only when you can safely do them.

It's also a great fitness method to keep your mind stimulated, as the workouts change daily and the variety helps keep you motivated. Even if you aren't "young" anymore by societal standards-or if you don't want to compete in a sport-there are still many benefits you can reap from doing functional fitness as a senior.

The Benefits of functional fitness for Seniors

Because functional fitness trains so many different types of fitness, the benefits of using this workout method for seniors are plentiful.

Here are some of the things seniors can gain from doing functional fitness at Vital's L.I.F.E. class:

  • Increased muscle mass (very important for elderly people, as it helps prevent injuries from falls)
  • Improved muscular strength and endurance
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved mobility in the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Weight loss (can help reduce or reverse the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes or heart disease)
  • Improved balance and coordination (decreases risk of falling and injuring yourself. 

Movements are functional, meaning they help promote performance in everyday activities like walking, sitting, or doing yard work.

And contrary to popular belief, anyone-even seniors-can do functional fitness. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this form of functional fitness is that it can be scaled to meet the needs of anyone, regardless of their current circumstances or fitness level.

For example, you'll see in the next section how most of the WOD for seniors we recommend revolve around bodyweight exercises instead of heavy loaded barbell movements.

Example Class:

General Warmup (Arm circles, high knee stretch, butt kicker stretch, banded march)


Skill and instruction time. (How to row efficiently)


Specific workout prep:

Row 150m

5 Box Squats



4 Rounds

Row 500meters

20 Air Squats (modification box squats)


Cool down and stretch


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